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Digital graphic project

December 2019


The advent calendar was created as a synchronized digital campaign 12 days before Christmas. Daily it was posted at the same time, on the website, Facebook, Instagram and media channel such as Pinkbike and NSMB, a different product with a discount to run that day. While the store was open, I have fed the Instagram Stories showing the product of the day in detail and the shop movement.

Design process


First of all, the Market Coordinator and I put together the storyboard, defining the products of each day organizing by relevance from 1 to 12.

After that, in Illustrator, I have created a pattern with the brand and Christmas elements. I wanted to bring a more nostalgic feel to work than show the product.

Then, I have designed all the pieces for the 12 days using photoshop for image treatment, Illustrator for patterns and InDesign to editing and exporting. 

I worked in base files for every five formats. In each base file, I did two different backgrounds changing the shape of the product box. This was at the end of the campaign, all the products were sited side by side on the calendar, and the different shapes of the boxes brought a movement to the outcome. After done, I exported all the files in jpg and planned the posts on the apps: Latter for Instagram, Facebook and Lightspeed. 

I used the Mailchimp to layout and sent a newsletter before the promotion and afterwards with links to more sales products. 

Xmas - Web hero 3200x1328813.jpg



The Marketing Coordinator and the Coordinators from the vehicles that we worked as partners (Pinkbike, NSMB and Mountain FM.)


We made a list of products based on the worst sales number during the year. 
The MC provided me with the deals and the photos to apply to the layout.

Goals and Audience

The goal was to increase the sales of those products during the month, as the general sales in December, regarding last year. 

Metrics for success

Comparing with 2018 in December 2019, the general sales increased 124% in profit. The engagement in social media is higher (165 new followers). People answer very well to all the interactions proposed increasing the traffic between social media and the website, which end up sales. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 4.37.29 PM.png

Dunbar website



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