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Print project

November 2019

The 2020 illustrated calendar honours and thanks to the amazing women who inspire me to become a better person every day.


The idea of the calendar occurred in October 2019. I had a fair booked to November 26th and realized that it was a great date to sell the 2020 calendar. 

Design process


Deadline: 6 weeks.



First of all, I choose 12 women to be illustrated. 

I decided to draw women still alive and put them in their birthday month. 
I made a research on google to find the 12 women per month. This process took me more time than I expected, so I decided to start drawing while I still looked for the other women. 

In 4 weeks, I had the 12 drawings done and a list of women for each month. 

I made 2 or 3 drafts of the layout, so decided by the size and the final layout.

The calendar was organized by background colours per each season. 

With a list of women in hands, I decided to put all them listed on the calendar and let some lines for clients to customize it with women from their life. 

The moon phases were added because the info is important to women who observe the moon to make some decisions and understand their bodies’ functions. 

After printed, I perforated one by one at home, so the customer could detach the illustration and frame it.

Then, I put the calendar together with a clipped paper, a card paper to give it a base, added a sticker with my information, and packed it in a plastic envelope with my business card. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 1.57.20 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 1.58.01 PM.png


The calendar was printed in a printer shop in a coated white paper.
I ordered the rose bulldog clip paper after research in physical stores around the city and bought the hard papers to put as a base with a sticker with my brand on it. 

Goals and Audience

My first goal was to sell 30 calendars to women (35 - 55) who followed me on Instagram and on the fair in Vancouver. 

Metrics for success

I started announcing the calendar on my Instagram, showing some illustrations and processes. The audience asked for a reservation, and in 2 days, I hade sold out the 30 calendars. So, I produced more and sold a total of 80 calendars among Instagram direct messages, Etsy shop and in the fair. 

The profit of the calendar covered the first-year investment in prints, materials, mail posts and fairs. 

The calendar gained three other versions. 

  • A wall in a global company in Brazil (it will be launched on March 8th)

  • Table calendar (5x7in) to a small business send to their customers in March.

  • It was translated to Portuguese in a bigger size (A3) to be held in every office in the city hall building in a small town in Brazil.  

Some people are talking about next year’s calendar. This means success for me :)

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