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Today I woke up tired. The day is grey and my mood as well. To think and talk in another language. Is going to be that hard forever? It is so frustrating sometimes. Lots are going on inside my mind, and some people look at me and see a silly person. Don't give me credit or the time to express myself or share my experience. Just because of my struggle with the language. How stupid is this? Very stupid! Some people are mean and unfair. And, I'm mad with myself because I "still" let this hurt me. I miss home, and I miss being understood, I miss my identity, I miss myself. This post is to vent, and to shake my body, breath deeply and start over. The new me speaks English and drawing every day, and some days I touch some people hearts. This is so incredible! I'm happy for myself and the direction I gave to my professional life. Even being a super positive and high spirited person like me, it's ok to wake up a little blue. Don't be so harsh with yourself. This text, probably, has lots of mistakes. I so tired to care... so it is what it is. Just keep swimming.

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