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Digital designer and Social Media

Who knows me for a long time as a graphic designer, knows my passion for colour, paper, ink and brushes. But, also, who knows me well knows how I love a new challenge, and more, how I love to win my own challenges.

A year ago, I accepted a position in a bike shop, where I had to put out my digital skills.

The work looks normal for a retail store. I just needed to keep the website updated with new campaigns that I had to create every week.

It was easy to learn to use the Lightspeed platform, the website hostess, and the Mailchimp, where I have to put together the newsletters and send it to excited and demanding customers.

For all these new duties, my graphic design knowledge helped me to learn faster and short cuts some steps.

Suddenly, another challenge showed up. The social media had to walk along with the marketing strategies and supply the customer's expectations to see in real-time the bikes, parts, service and everything around and about the bike lovers' world.

Thus, I, as a person who doesn't know anything about bicycles and never had worked with content before, started creating content, taking photos, filming and posts about the subject.

Once again, I made use of my graphics skills to help me conduct social media not just in an informative way but also communicative and respecting the brand and the visual identity of the company.

The periodicity of the posts, especially the Instagram Stories, kept my creativity in progress.

Speaking about movement, the customers of the bike shop are fast riders and interested customers, and what they most love is keeping everything around them in action... because of this, I realized the necessity to go further.

I started to make short videos with the riders in trail adding information and animation with an old friend that I didn't visit for so long, the After Effects. I had to re-learn the basics and learn the news and updated myself. In a few days, the animation was being part of my daily duties, and I was in love with this new professional print/illustrator/digital me.

What can I say? The feeling is excellent!!!

Instead of having one possibility, now I can combine the options and can make even more to help to save the world.

In the end, it is what I love to say: the design itself is the foundation of any expression. It doesn't matter if is print, digital, in movement or animated.

How incredible is when you give your self a chance?

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