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Food and love

I’m a graphic designer for almost two decades, and now I’m also an illustrator. Yeah! 💜 It’s a dream job to combine both of my skills in one.

What I most love in my work is to tell a story and the story that I most like is a love story.

The Cakroll is a mother and daughter business. The cake roll is a traditional cake from their hometown (Pernambuco in Brazil), which brings their love for family, love for their traditions and love for food. When you bite the cake, you can feel the love blended with guava.

I'm a curious person, and the part of the job that I most enjoy is the research. I love going deep in a culture. Learn and understand how and why the people behave, their culture, art and references. This work took me to an enchanted place, full of rich stories, colours and flavours. I was able to revisit authors, creators and artists that I haven't seen for many years.

Every detail of this logo was carefully put there for a reason. I super proud of it.

If you haven't tried it before, go for it, and I hope you loooooove the logo 💜💜💜 I loved to do it.

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