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Motion graphic project

March 2020

“How to sell more e-bikes? They are great but expensive. Do you have any idea?” 


This is the question that I heard from the Shop’s owner. 

I love problems because I love to solve them.  


So, I started brainstorming, and I had the idea to make videos to start the conversation between the Store and the audience about the advantages of e-bikes. To create engagement with the audience, I chose an event that happens in Vancouver to connect the campaign. 


Every year the HUB Cycling (a charitable not-for-profit organization) realizes the Ride to Work Week.


Dunbar's goal for the next 6 months is to provide to the customers' awareness about e-bikes (electric bicycle) and their advantages despite the higher price. 


So, we have decided to join the HUB on the Ride to Work Week from May 25th to May 31st.


Plan: 3 info videos, one per month. And strong social media development. Aside from the videos, posts on Instagram and Facebook will be posted every week. 

Video 1

Design process


First of all, I draft storytelling to organize my ideas. 


I’ve decided to split it into 3 videos: 

  1º teaser: general infographics - reasons for riding a bike.

  2º info: E-bikes - parts and the advantages

  3º invitation: Dunbar inviting the audience to join the Ride to Work Week.  


The second part was defining the storyboard. 

I made a research on google about the reasons why riding to work is important.

I wrote down seven reasons including some advantages of an e-bike.
(To start here the link between the videos and the goal of selling e-bikes)

Checked with the Marketing Coordinator the accuracy and got the approval to start designing.  

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 11.24.33
Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 11.26.17
Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 11.30.51

Third part 

In the Illustrator, I drew the infographics and elements used on the video,
as the summer plants and the two cyclers. 


In the After Effects, I made the video itself. 

Importing the elements

  • Footage (from a bank stock video)

  • Audio (from an audio library)

  • Graphics elements from Illustrator



The Marketing Coordinator. We work as a team. She is responsible for deciding the deals and sales and me for the creation of content and design development of campaigns and social media.

The sales guys for the user experience research.
(Checking the reading time and the understanding of the message)

Data to inform the design

Dunbar will provide 5 e-bike demos per day during the Ride to Work Week.

Goals and Audience

The goal is to sell e-bikes.

The audience is the regular downhill/enduro customers and road/commuter cyclers.

Metrics for success

The engagement of customers in our social media, on the event and increase in sales.

I’ve spent 4 days (32 hours) between creating the elements and editing the video. 

Many adjustments in the text and sizes were made after the video was first edited. 

When approved, I used the app Adobe Media Encoder to render in high quality and uploaded on youtube.

Next step: finalize video 2 and 3

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