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Manuela Camisasca

Graphic Designer 


I was born in BH, Brazil. I started working in a publicity/design agency even before starting to study graphic design.

Since then, my love for design is growing and getting stronger every day.

I've developed an intuitive way of working that has resulted in my unique visual style.

As a designer and illustrator, I believe that we, ordinary people, can help to save the world. Putting together beauty, meaning, reason and functionality, visual art can bring empowerment and dialogue.

I would love to make everyone understand that love is free, and all kinds of love are worth it. 

That people are beautifully diverse and should have equally the same rights and privileges. 

That women are amazing, and nature is sacred. 
So, to make myself very clear, I decided to draw!

I hope that my work will be able to touch people’s hearts and reason and somehow contribute to a better and fairer world. 

When someone takes my drawing home, I send along a bit of love and bravery. 

Take my hand and let’s spread the love and respect!

Vancouver - BC - Canada

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