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Badass women 2020 calendar

Yeah, girl! I did it!

After months of planning, drawing, designing, I finally gave life to the calendar that I always wanted to have on my wall. It is a calendar with badass women illustrated by me.

This calendar honours and thanks to the amazing women who inspire me to became a better person every day.

The calendar has 12 badass women illustrated in their month birthdays, and several other listed by their birthdays.

It was super tricky to chose which woman to draw, so among all the incredible women that I admire, I decided to go for alive women. It is so pleased to have the chance to say how significant or unique someone is for me.

Not just the 12 women, but all of the other women listed taught and inspired me so much that I wanted to say thanks and send my love. And somehow spread their word.

I let some lines to you fill with people who are important for you, so your calendar will be unique and more special to you.

When the year is over, you can detach the illustration and frame it. What a great deal, eh.

Thank you for being part of this.

I would love to make everyone understand that love is free, and all kinds of love are worth it.

That people are beautifully diverse and should have equally the same rights and privileges.

That women are amazing, and nature is sacred.

So, to make myself very clear, I decided to draw!

I hope that my work will be able to touch people’s hearts and reason and somehow contribute to a better and fairer world.

When someone takes my drawing home, I send along a bit of love and bravery.

Take my hand and let’s spread the love!

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